Thank you for attending our concert! Please share these rules with your students.

Arriving at the Concert

Please be sure to arrive early, as there is no late seating. The musical program is approximately an hour long, without intermission. Please visit the rest rooms or get a drink of water before the performance. No food or drink is allowed in the hall. In entering or exiting the hall, safety is the primary concern. Please follow your teachers' instructions in taking your seats. Please, no running, pushing or horseplay. Please enter the hall as quietly as possible. Once you are in your seat, please sit calmly. Please keep your hands and arms to yourself, and keep your feet off the seats. Grown-ups: Please turn off your cell-phones and pagers.

During the Performance

Once the lights in the auditorium dim, please do not make any sound unless you are directed to by the musicians on stage. It is very important to give the musicians your undivided attention. A concert is a group experience. Please be considerate of the rest of the audience, so that everyone has a chance to concentrate and enjoy the performance. It is appropriate to applaud at the end of each musical number.

There will be several opportunities for sing-a-longs. The lyrics will be projected, so that you can follow along. Please follow the musicians' instructions and join together in song!

Leaving the Performance

Once again, safety is the primary concern. Please follow your teachers' instructions in leaving the hall and returning to the school buses. Please walk quietly. Hopefully, there will be a lot to talk about; please wait for the appropriate time to do so.

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