Ives: He is There! (excerpt)

Performer and production credits:
Karol Bennett, soprano; Leone Buyse, flute; Hannah Holman, cello; Susan Oltsman Koozin, narrator; Tricia Park, violin; Rod Waters, piano; Michael Webster, clarinet; Blake Wilkins, percussion.
Bill Klemm, videographer and editor; Kate Dawson, director.

In a straightforward folk setting, there is naturally only one tune at a time. Charles Ives is famous for blending, intertwining and layering folk tunes and other musical quotations as a way of representing the democratic spirit of the American people. His song He is There! is one of a set of three based on the text of John McCrae, a physician in the Canadian army during World War I. At the song's climax, Ives combines two traditional melodies: The voice and piano play Columbia, Gem of the Ocean while the flute plays Dixie. The excerpt concludes with even more well-known reference—The Star Spangled Banner.

Charles Ives (1974-1954) is widely regarded as the "father" of the experimental American tradition. Born in Danbury, Connecticut in 1874, he attended Yale University. His greatest musical influence was his father, a freethinking musician who encouraged his son to be daring. His professional life was unique: During the day, he was a very successful insurance salesman. At night, he was a composer of songs, chamber music and orchestral music. Most of Ives' music was rarely performed in his lifetime, and his papers were left in disarray at his death. However, through the painstaking work of editors, much of his deeply original work has been rescued and is now widely performed.

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